Josefina 5485 Wallpaper by Boråstapeter

The four­leaf clover is spread across this print with a density that is almost eerie. This so­called lucky leaf thrives on being rare. It is in fact so scarce that you’ll find at least ten thousand shamrocks before even being close to stumbling upon its four­leafed sibling. The hard­to­catch plant has been featured in Christian mythology as well as Indian and Arabic mysticism. In the early 1900s when printing techniques became more accessible and wallpapers started to be produced in greater quantities, patterns with the lucky clover began finding their way all across Swedish rustic society. And here it is now, winding its way into the gaps of a classic trellis pattern. 


Width 53cm     

Roll Length 10.05 metres                    

Repeat  6.63cm   

Match  Straight

Application Method  PASTE THE WALL 

Please allow up to 2 working days for delivery.

This is part of the 'Jubileum' collection by Boråstapeter. 

Not everybody gets to turn 110 years, but our wallpaper factory does. Jubileum is a collection of the century – a birthday gift from all of us at Boråstapeter to all of you across the world who have decorated with our classic, eternally stylish wallpapers for decades and will continue to do so for years to come.

This is a collection that features our most popular patterns since 1905 until today. Inspired by the national romanticism from the turn of the 19th century, the colourful optimism of the 1950s and the warm, vivid patterns that were thrown in for free in the 1980s when the French wave swept across Sweden. We invite you to browse through our greatest wallpapers of all time, gently brought out from our vast archives and updated in new, modern shades and colours that fit in with your life here and now.

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