Here at The Joyful Wallpaper Company we're all about encouraging you to walk your own path and not feel that you have to be a slave to fashions but if you want to be ahead of the pack here's a look at a couple of trends we've noticed.  


Move over grey, Navy is the new guy on the block.  If you are embracing the dark side but can't quite cope with anthracite or black, Navy is a little gentler but still cosy for the winter.  Go all in all over, or just wallpaper one wall.  Team with metallics, either gold or copper accessories.

Still not convinced? Try one wall of navy wallpaper and contrast with a warm pastel pink, to lighten the feel.  The possibilities are endless.



The floral revival started last year and was seen across catwalks and interiors, this trend is still going strong with a plenty of fresh floral wallpapers appearing.  Big and bold designs have been gathering pace.  Tone it with dark anthracite grey for real impact as the evenings get darker and your home gets cosier.



Concrete finishes and even concrete kitchens are gaining popularity, but if you can't quite stretch to one of those, you could opt for one of the amazing faux concrete wallpapers available.  These are so real looking you almost have to touch them to check.  Perfect for a sleek modern take on the industrial look.



 Don't be a slave to fashion, just use these ideas to lead you where your heart wants to go.....