Let Me Introduce Myself....
The Joyful Wallpaper Company has evolved from it's 'sister' brand 'The Joyful Home Company'. The Joyful Home was started in 2016 by myself as a way to empower people to love their homes whether that might be a grand country pile or a tiny bedsit.  
An upholsterer by trade, I offered gorgeous reupholstered vintage chairs alongside other vintage finds and contemporary homeware.  Wallpaper fitted so well into what we do over there and it has been one of my favourite parts of my joyful journey.  
Fast forward to Autumn 2018 and it felt like the right time to give the wallpapers the space to grow and really shine so 'The Joyful Wallpaper Company' was born.  
We don't like to over complicate things so we follow the same brand story and ethos of joy but we now have room to for the wallpapers to flourish.
Kerry x
Our Philosophy Of Joy
It's often the little things in life that bring the most happiness : an unexpected bunch of flowers, a compliment from an old friend,  a beautiful scrap of fabric found at the bottom of a drawer...What makes you happy is as individual to you as your fingerprint.

We believe that your home should bring you happiness and you should feel free to create the home that inspires you, motivates you and reflects you.  It's not about fashions or trends, but creating a space in which you can feel pure joy.

We carry this philosophy of joy into everything we do.  When we spot new designers and build relationships with their brands, when we discover a new product for our carefully curated collections,  when we step back to take a look at our latest offerings, and it makes our hearts beat a little bit faster...

As we introduce new designs, new wallpapers and new brands into our collections, we aim to provide our customers with renewed inspiration.
If a product doesn't make us happy just by looking at it, it doesn't make the grade.
Your home is who you are...
Be Brave, 
Be Proud,
Be Joyful.