Draft about

We like to say we specialise in creating bold, beautiful statement pieces for
the home, from our dedicated upholstery studio in Writtle, Essex. But the truth
is, what we do is so much bigger than that. So, so much bigger.
You see, when it comes to interiors, we like to break the rules. You could say
we’re rebels of sorts, because we believe that your home should uncompromisingly reflect who YOU are. Stepping outside of
what is expected and having the freedom to express who you are. That’s bold.
And we’re nothing if we’re not bold.
So yes, we can reupholster your old sofa or chair. And yes, we take old
furniture and breathe new life into it. But we pride ourselves on bringing
something extra to the table. How? By hunting out the best independent textile
designers to source the fabrics that are designed to make your soul sing. Or
by introducing you to concepts you would never have dreamed of before – like
having old cinema seats in your home. or befriending an ostrich named Barry.