Legless Birds Of Paradise Emerald Wallpaper by Annika Reed Studio

Alfred Wallace had a passion for birds of paradise. The driving force of his 1854 expedition to the Malay Archipelago was to witness these magnificent birds. It was also on this trip he independently conceived his theory of evolution.

Wallace became the first European ever to see the magical displays of the birds of paradise. He called it 'the most beautiful of all the beautiful living forms that adorn the Earth' In a time before Wallace, birds of paradise were thought of having no legs. According to Papuans who traded them, the birds spent their lives floating in the sky. That’s how they got their name birds of the gods, birds of paradise. It was only when they died, they fell to earth. The truth being their legs were actually cut off as considered unnecessary. Only their colourful and vibrant plumage was important. A legacy of the legless mythology survives to this day. 


Width 52cm 

Roll Length 10 metres     

Pattern Repeat  52 x 30cm  

Application Method  PASTE THE WALL


Now more than ever we need to take more care and consideration to look after our planet. All Annika Reed papers are FSC Certified and printed with fade proof, environmentally friendly inks. They are made in the UK using Britain’s finest digital wallpaper manufacturer helping to reduce our carbon footprint.


Please note all wallpaper is printed in batches. There can be a slight difference in colour between each batch to avoid this we print to order.

Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery and ensure you order the correct quality of rolls to enable the perfect match.

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