Suburban Palm Wallpaper by Stuart Rodgers

Suburban Palm Wallpaper by Stuart Rodgers

Suburban celebrates the colours of the ideal homes in mid century palm springs. Pale concrete and clean lines set under a blue sky with landscaping lush with leafy palms was the go to look for the Perfect Home with every labour saving device of the time fitted as standard. That was living in the future and Suburban takes its colours from this bright and optimistic time.
Colourway BLUE/GREEN
Width - 52CM trimmed for butt joining at edge

Roll Length - 10 METRES  

Repeat - 52cm x 148cm

Match - 3/4 DROP

Application Method  PASTE THE WALL

Substrate  NON WOVEN



Printed in the UK on high-grade 180gsm coated wallpaper with metallic finish on non-woven backing.

Fire Certification - EN13501-1 + A1:209

DELIVERY - This wallpaper is printed to order so please allow up to 21 days for delivery however we will endeavour to get it to you as soon as possible.  If you would like a more accurate delivery timescale please do get in touch and we'd be happy to help.


This wallpaper is part of 'Unseen Futures' collection, which draws from the late 20th century and a love of all things post-modern. Colourways begin in the Mid Century with Suburban, Modern and Moonlight, travel through to the 1970’s with Orange, Twilight and Sky and arrive firmly in the 1980’s with Memphis, Carnival and Urban.

An imperfect isometric grid forms the structure of this pattern family. The Block motif offers an undisturbed rhythm of pattern with the illusion of depth. Fault has a folded motif in every repeat, a nod the occasion graphic stutter behind 1980’s virtual host Max Headroom. Fault and Block repeat seamlessly into each other should the folded motif be too frequent.

Palm rejects the formality of the grid with a layered foliage motif to preserve the idea of depth. A rich and lush pattern, Palm is an interpretation of the houseplants of the 1970’s. Palm Fault creates the bridge between the two grid motifs with the great contrast between informal foliage and rigid graphic repeat being its strength. Both designs with the Palm motif work beautifully on their own or a bold stripe can be created with alternate drops of Palm and Palm Fault.



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