Where The Wild Teasels Were Amber and Umber Wallpaper by Annika Reed Studio

Dispacus Fullonum or the Fullers Thistle was once widely used in textiles processing. The finishing of the cloth was called fulling and the teasel provided a natural comb and raised the nap on the fabrics.

A teasel gig was a curious invention mixing man made with nature combining the hand process of the pass and the precision of engineering. The machine consisted of 3000 prickly teasels in an iron frame powered by electricity. The teasels where carefully sourced from Somerset and a teasel man would travel from mill to mill renewing the teasels in the gig.

Where the Wild Teasels Were is a design tribute to the thousands of teasels used before being replaced by metal brushes in the 20th Century. 

The making of this wallpaper echoes the teasel gig, combining the hand made with the machine.


Width 52cm 

Roll Length 10 metres     

Pattern Repeat  26 x 18cm  

Application Method  PASTE THE WALL


Now more than ever we need to take more care and consideration to look after our planet. All Annika Reed papers are FSC Certified and printed with fade proof, environmentally friendly inks. They are made in the UK using Britain’s finest digital wallpaper manufacturer helping to reduce our carbon footprint.


Please note all wallpaper is printed in batches. There can be a slight difference in colour between each batch to avoid this we print to order.

Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery and ensure you order the correct quality of rolls to enable the perfect match.

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